Le origini

Wildbacher originated in the countryside of Deutsch-Landberg, in Austria, in Lower Styria, a region known as Schilchergegend, meaning “area of bright wines” due to the exceptional brightness of its reds.

It is named after the district in which it was originally grown, Wildbach, which literally means "wild stream", almost a prophecy for this restless grape variety.

It was from here, about two centuries ago, that the grape variety reached Pieve di Soligo in the Marca Trevigiana, the only area in Italy where it took hold.

If Wildbacher is still recalled for its qualities and its history today it is due to Martino Zanetti, a connoisseur of authentic wines, a shrewd and curious businessman, and a keen producer who wished to invest in those rare vines discovered by chance on his estate.

He entrusted expert agronomists with the task of studying the precious plants in detail and his oenologists with that of creating the best conditions to second the inclinations of such an exclusive wine. As a result, the true prestige of Wildbacher finally emerged, astonishing wine lovers with its colour and aromas.